We have a wide network and manufacturing expertise in footwear, catering to partners in Europe and America.

We are built to be a sustainable manufacturing link for distributors and fashion brands worldwide.


High-quality, finished products

Our manufacturers provide high-quality clothing for renowned brands both domestically and globally. TTgarment prioritizes quality.


Our Process

  • Step 1Technical Consultation

    Exchange and capture information, customer requirements, process, and design consultation for customers, starting with the designs and ideas that you want to develop.
    With a team of skilled designers will always support your ideas and designs from the very beginning of working together.
    Usually takes 1 to 2 business days
  • Step 2Choose Fabric
    Pattern Contrucstion

    Together with customers, we will advise on choosing the right fabric for each design and specific material requireents for each product.
    After choosing the fabric we like, we will proceed to the next step is to draw up the technical drawing for the sample product.
    Usually takes 1 to 3 business days
  • Step 3Make Samples

    Based on the technical drawing and the fabric chosen by the customer, we will complete the sample product as required.
    Once the Sample has been completed, the customer will be updated with videos and photos before shipping to the customer
    This stage usually takes 5 to 7 business days.
  • Step 4Choose Factory

    Based on the quantity and requirements of the customer, we will choose the right production place to optimize costs and ensure the highest quality for customers.
    The production time for the order will depend on the specific order quantity
  • Step 5Mass Production

    Take Action Set of Materials at the factory and for mass production. TT Garment's system will continuously update the finished product quantity and delivery time on TTG's platform when starting production.
    The production time will depend on the customer's quantity to adjust according to the production process.
  • Step 6QC, Parking
    & Delivery

    The Inspection Department will be activated during the production process to ensure that the goods are limited in error during the production process, ensuring consistent quality.
    The packaging process will be customized by us according to the customer's needs or applied through the general way of the TT garment factory.
    We provide all forms of transportation in accordance with all customer requirements (LCL, SEA, AIR....)

Core Value

Be Humble and Hungry

Aspire to succeed while maintaining humility. Encourage hard work, goal-setting, and self-awareness.

Honor Commitments

Take responsibility for decisions, actions, and product/service quality. Value responsibility and respect in relationships by honoring promises.

Embrace Change

Foster innovation through experimentation, risk-taking, and learning from failures for sustainable development.

Protect the planet

Manage business with an eco-friendly approach in sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping.

Win as a Team

Success comes from teamwork—listen, share, and support each other for collective achievement.